About us

Thanks for stopping by! 

What we do 

We make beautifully designed prints and posters for where you live, work, or learn, based on the data behind the things you love. 

How we began 

The PosterBoy started with James. 

James likes data. He’s the kinda guy who writes notes about the books he reads and listened to More or Less since he was 12.

He started by writing a blog, looking into the data behind the things he found interesting – how green are electric cars? How diverse are FTSE 100 CEOs? And (hold the front page) how many days on average he was rained on during his commute.  

And from here, he wanted to make the data look nice. Well, not just nice, but beautiful. Like, frame it and put it on your wall kinda beautiful. So, he made a poster or two, just for fun. 

And then people wanted to buy them, so he sold one or two.  

And then people said how much they liked them, so he sold even more. 

Now, he’s expanding his topics and hoping to bring beautiful data to even more walls. 

What’s next? 

We have lots of ideas to work on next, mostly suggested by our customers. If there’s something you’d love to see us make, drop us an email on hey@theposterboy.cofind us on Instagram @theposterboy.co or on Facebook theposterboy.coWe’re super friendly (but be warned, we’ll probably chat about how cool data is).